The lyran Initiative would like To Give special thanks to:

D: It was through you in which I found myself. May one day you find yourself and truly be able to understand my most sincere love, appreciation, and gratitude for you and your journey.

Tina: The best agent a Cat could ask for!!! The Lyran Initiative would not exist without you! If you are interested in having our awesome agent be your awesome agent you can contact Tina here:

Patty: The custom artwork, love and support you have provided are a driving force of this entire company!! I love you with all my heart! Check Patty out doing her own incredible thing at

Ari: Miss StariAri herself. This journey would have never began without you. I would never be who I am today without you! I will forever be eternally grateful for you being in my life! Ari offers her own amazing esoteric services which I cannot speak more highly of and they can be found here: or here:

Adina: Thank you for your love and support!