The Lyran Initiative
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about us

The Lyran Initiative was created to help our clients through their own soul development and ascension process. With her years of education, experience in the Spiritual field, and her direct connection to Ancient Lyran Wisdom, Heather has compiled a list of services that anyone will benefit from. If you are just coming to the realization that you are a spiritual being or you are well on your way to ascension, Heather along with her Personal Agent Tina, can set you up with the services that will be in your greatest interest. No matter where you are along your soul journey The Lyran Initiative can help. We offer an array of services to discover or resolve anything that may be holding you back. We offer education on how to protect yourself and others along this pilgrimage, by direct channeling to the Lyrans, your guides, and higher self to answer any questions and verify what your next best step is.







"WOW! Heather has been an incredible healing force in my life. I had been desperately seeking someone to hear and heal my cry for help on an on going issue. She connected with my guides and immediately confirmed my feelings and provided answers. I felt that there was something going on that I just couldn't see, and that indeed was the case. So many thank yous Heather! I have followed the practical advice from the session (which was a few weeks ago) and have had a significant shift, and I am going to follow the spiritual advice (soul retrieval, look out I'm coming for you!) when the timing is right. Really truly, as a professional divination professional myself, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services." ~~Nicole D



"I absolutely loved Heather's reading. She opened the door to self belief for me again, she helped me to rediscover the hidden power that lies dormant within and connect to my Higher Self and Spirit. Heather is a pure source and channel of unconditional love. She will make you realize that you already are strong, gorgeous, important; that you are enough, and that you should trust your intuitive hunches and yourself on a deeper level.
Heather is driven by the powerful desire to be of service to as many people as possible. She has been following up my case and every time I feel all the love, support and purity of where she's coming from. She is genuine, compassionate, honest, expressive, very communicative, nurturing and simultaneously a true warrior of love.
I am really really grateful and happy to have met her through here (Facebook) and I would really love to meet her in person as well.
Whatever you give out, you get back. With Heather you will get unconditional love and respect. Thank you so much my dear Heather. I love you deeply, I honor you and I appreciate you! NAMASTE"~~Kastela A



"Heather has amazing energy. She answered every single question I had and went into deep detail. I loved every single second of our session. I was able to get a lot of clarity about my mission and tf journey. She also gave me good tips on how to connect with my higher self. Because of her, I am now able to understand alot of the things I've gone through in my path with a wider perspective. Really grateful for having this experience with he"~~Rosa G


"Ok. Naturally as human beings no matter how much we feel led to something, we are going to be skeptical to a certain degree, especially in the case of situations and interactions of this nature. I am extremely happy to report that not only was my initial session with Heather amazing in terms of her work, but she seems to be an excellent individual all around. There is no way around the fact that the way a person makes you feel in the midst of your dealings is key. Heather makes you feel extremely comfortable and welcomed. Her demeanor is extremely real while remaining grounded and not being "over the top" in any aspect. Cool is an understatement. Thank you Heather.. Blessings"~~Gerrell M